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Illuminati Church

“Discover the person you truly created to be & choose your faith”

We don’t refer to ourselves as the “ILLUMINATI GROUP”, Like many societies put a name to themselves but rather and yes we are the Enlightened Rainbow Society. This group was founded in 1946 broken off from the original group, THE FREEMASONS.

Our order is one of the oldest and most exclusive and private organization, Rainbow society offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one’s power over their spiritual and physical nature.

We do not control, demand or force a member but rather show the path and what is and was meant to be yours. The society’s goals is oppose superstition, evil religious beliefs against ones’s life and assist fellow members achieve their path and rectify injustice in their path.

Escape the society that limits your potential, the weak minded and the confused tellers, find your true purpose on this earth and shape your life, family’s destiny. Wealth ,riches and power are a blessing not a curse. You have a choice to belong anywhere, the Creator never put rules or limits neither promises as to what is to be rewarded on earth.

True faith means holding nothing back, Worrying is arrogance not having faith. This is not a conspiracy but living out changes and correcting your path and true destiny. Do not be afraid to express yourself and who you desire to be. This is the new era age of the “Enlightened Ones” Be your own individual and think together with like minds.

We welcome all to share within what the bowl of “DIA CRSTOU O GOISTAIS“ offers.